I teach policy-oriented graduate courses in the Department of Politics, Center for Global Affairs and the Program in International Relations at New York University.

 Graduate Seminars

Politics of South Asia

International Political Economy

Sustainable Economic Development

Introduction to International Relations Theory

Developing Countries in the Global Economy


Global Field Intensive to India

India 2012 238

In 2012, I facilitated graduate field intensive to India for the Center for Global Affairs, New York University (2012).  

Students engaged policy makers, academics and grassroots activists in discussions on neoliberal reforms.  India, with its emphasis of the ICT sector and service delivery, is in many ways emblematic of how developing countries could, and perhaps should, approach globalization in order to escape the poverty traps that continue to plague many countries.   By studying the case of India, students gained an understanding of the complex dynamics that are involved in liberalization reforms and how local circumstances shape the consequences of such reforms.


Rajiv Gandhi Foundation, Academic Conference (New Delhi)

India 2012 150


In 2012, my students participated in inter-disciplinary conference with policy-makers, think tanks, social movement activists, and scholars from Delhi University, Jawaharlal Nehru University and other area institutions.  The conference was held at the Rajiv Gandhi Foundation in New Delhi.


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